How Do I Choose the Best Backup Generator for My Home?

How Do I Choose the Best Backup Generator for My Home?


Where do I start when choosing a backup generator?


The first thing you should do is think about what you and your family would miss if you were without power. You can have a generator sized to run the barest basics or to power your entire home and every electrical appliance and device in it.


Generac generator Cape Cod dealerWhat are the differences between complete whole house coverage, managed whole house coverage, and essential circuit coverage?


Complete whole house coverage is exactly what it sounds like. The right transfer switch and larger generator provide full coverage. All circuits are covered, so all appliances are available the entire time the power is out. Managed whole house coverage allows you to have power in your whole house, but non-essential circuits will shut down when the generator approaches maximum capacity. Non-essential circuits come back on when essential circuits no longer require power. Because circuits receive power at different times a managed whole house system can run on a smaller generator than a complete whole house system. Essential circuit coverage covers certain appliances or areas of your home you deem essential. Smaller generators provide coverage for specific numbers of circuits and are connected directly to them through your home’s main circuit breaker panel.


What are the differences between portable and automatic standby generators?


Typical portable generators purchased by homeowners have smaller output than automatic standby generators. Portable generators usually run on gasoline so have shorter runtime than automatic standby generators, which usually run on natural gas or propane-cleaner and quieter. Portable generators need to be started up and connected; automatic standby generators come on automatically when utility power fails and are connected directly to your home’s electrical system.


What do I need to do to use a portable generator during a power failure?


A portable generator needs to have gas in the tank to run. As it should not be stored with fuel in it you will need to keep gasoline on hand and fill the tank as needed. A portable generator should be stored inside, but you must move it outside to run it for sufficient ventilation. Because it’s not connected directly to your home’s electrical system you must make the connections, typically by running extension cords through your home to whatever you want to power.


What do I need to do to use an automatic standby generator during a power failure?


Because an automatic standby generator is connected directly to your home’s electrical system, there’s no need for you to hook anything up. The generator’s transfer switch will switch your home to emergency generator power if utility power fails, and will switch your home back to utility power when it’s restored. All you need to do is have a system installed.


Why should I choose a Generac generator?


With six lines of automatic standby generators and five lines of portable generators, Generac offers more options than any other manufacturer. Their OHVI engines are made specifically for generators and use the same type of pressurized oil lubrication that give automobile engines long lives.


Why choose William Longo Electric?


William Longo Electric is an authorized dealer of best-selling and reliable Generac automatic and portable generators. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right generator and system to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide a stress-free experience for each and every customer. We provide products and service you can rely on.