Cape Cod home theater system sales installation

Whether it’s the big game or your favorite movie, you can put yourself in the middle of the action with your own home theater system.

As an authorized dealer for top name manufacturers like LG, Velodyne, Samsung, Denon, Onkyo, Boston Acoustics, Definitive Audio, and Sharp, we can wire your home for video and sound. Or take you wireless.

Cape Cod home theater sales installationTo enjoy the movie theater experience from the comfort of your own home, you need three things. The right screen, the right sound, and the right audio-video receiver. We can help you choose what will work best for you, and provide expert installation. Screens should have a clear picture and be at least 27 inches. You’ll need a minimum of four speakers for surround sound.

The biggest difference between the movie theater and traditional home experience is how the sound reaches you. In the theater, sound can “move” through speakers in various locations around the room. In your home, different sounds can come from different areas as the audio signal is split into multiple channels and sent to speakers in the direction from which the action takes place on the screen. This is where the right audio-video receiver comes in. Paired with an amplifier, it receives signals from your chosen input devices (DVD player, DVR, etc.), interprets and amplifies them, and sends them to your screen and speakers.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers surround you with sound, making you feel part of the action, while keeping your home uncluttered. Check out photos of home theaters we’ve installed for happy customers.

William Longo Electric can provide you with everything you need for an unmatched home theater experience. From speakers to flat screens, we have it all and can bring it to you. William Longo Electric provides products and service you can rely on.